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Tips for Connecting with Teens

Teens are still teens in times like these. If you notice your teen is withdrawn, spending too much time alone in their room or always on a device, here are some tips for regular connection and understanding them:

Some key tips:

1) 1:1 time - can be as simple as turning the radio off in the car or going to the store together

2) Family meal times with no screens

3) Have peers over to their home and observe from a far

4) Establish relationships with peers parents and invite them to communicate any concerns

5) Turn in cell phones/screens each night a certain time

6) Monitor social media for unusual activities and set up key word alerts if risk factors

If you need help with relationship dynamic with your teens and all that you have tried doesn't seem to work, I recommend you find a family therapist who is skilled with teens. Our team is great at this! For more information, reach out at

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