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Family Counseling

We provide family counseling services in the San Diego area! All of our therapists have a passion for helping families. The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our relationships with those closest to us. We have a passion for helping youth and they are strongly impacted by the health of their familial relationships. Parents and caregivers are the most important influence on their children, teens and young adults. This is why our team loves working with families. 


We learned how to communicate through our own parents. If this was functional and positive around emotions, difficult topics and important conversations, we are likely to pass these skills along to our children. However, no childhood is perfect and no parent is perfect and at times these skills need to be learned later in life. 


If you have a history of childhood abuse or trauma, including exposure to parents who had mental health or substance abuse issues, it’s likely positive relational skills were not always role modeled in your home growing up. If it wasn’t role modeled, it’s very hard to pass this on to the next generation. 


Some of the signs which can indicate you may need family therapy is if there are anger outbursts, conflicts which don’t get resolved, it’s uncomfortable talking about feelings, it’s difficult to understand other’s choices or you have continued to try to resolve the relationship dynamic on your own with no progress. 


If you are unsure if your family needs care, please schedule an assessment with a treatment provider to get more information on what might be recommended. A relationship with a counselor can be a powerful tool in helping your family cope, heal and feel better. Grow Through Life offers family counseling services in San Diego, Del Mar, Eastlake, Scripps Ranch, Oceanside and Temecula. We are here for you! 

Family Therapy Session
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Family Therapy
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