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Group Therapy

Group Therapy is typically 3-8 group members processing feelings. Groups can be structured or instructed. In the past we have offered Social Skills Group for children and Teens, Teen Support Group, Parenting Support Group and New Moms Support Group. We do require an assessment by the group facilitator if not a current patient as it's important we determine the patient is stable and ready to be part of the group dynamic. It's possible we may recommend individual counseling prior to starting a group. Group Therapy can be very impactful in helping normalize feelings, relate to other people, witness vulnerability and get comfortable sharing in a safe way. We have found it very effective for teens who have some social struggles: social anxiety, grief around friendships, making and keeping friends and understanding intense emotions are all topics we have covered in our Teen Support Groups. For our teen support group, the group itself sets goals for the group and our group facilitator will then be sure to address all the topics of interest to all group members. Our groups are 8 week and do not accept new members once started. If someone has done a group in the past, they are eligible to join future groups because each new group is custom fit to the needs of the group. If you are interested in learning more about groups currently running, please contact us! 

Teen study group

Teens will listen to peers and when facilitated by a skilled therapists, these conversations can be powerful in helping them! 

Now Telehealth Options! 

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