• Kara Dumlao, LMFt

All Parents Suffer

As a counselor working with teenagers and parents for more than 10 years, I have witnessed a lot of suffering. Certain stages of development bring more suffering than other. I have a personal passion for helping in the teen years. It seems to be a dark time for parents and, thus, to be able to bring light when it is most needed is so rewarding. Parents, it will be be hard. However, you will survive and your teen will grow rapidly from the lesssons learned at this stage of life. You will have to dig deep for patience and have faith when all seems lost, but you will emerge stronger as well. Parents, we can reframe this time as an opportunity to expand your own capacity for tolerance and love through the moody teenage years. You are the most powerful role model and influence in their lives (though they are not likely to admit this anytime soon.) Providing them consistent love, support and boundaries is the parenting task. Hang in there.

Fun Dad

"Love means to love that which is unlovable." -GK Chesterton.

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