• Kara Dumlao, LMFt

Fall Harvest

Many people know I a hail from the great midwest part of this country which is know for it's farming culture, but did you know my grandfather was actually a farmer? Pretty cool, huh? In Indiana and Ohio they mainly grow field corn, soybeans and wheat. I still have Uncles in the business. Fall in the midwest is filled with sweeping changes of the colors of leaves followed shortly by them falling off the trees as well as all the crops being harvested. The sweet rewards of long hours of labor are reaped, calculated and stored for the winter. As with any annual harvest time this a great time to release what no longer serves you. This can range from be people, places or things. When you clear out space of toxic parts of your life, you are leaving room for healthier things to come in! Having a therapist is a great support in this process. If you have been unhappy, uncertain or just feeling numb lately, let us help you have a healthy harvest this fall and create the room for new wonderful things to come through. Enjoy the fall!

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