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Holidays and Grief and Loss

As we approach the holiday season, please keep in mind any friends and family who have experience grief and loss this past year. The first year after loss is usually the hardest. As much as the holidays can be a celebratory and positive time, it can bring anger, sadness and a wide mix of feelings with those who experience grief and loss this past year. This could be loss of person, relationship, health or medical problems, fertility problems or any other loss that is meaningful. Please be mindful of this and reach out to those who may be having a tougher holiday season this year. Invite them to spend time or go do a fun activity, call and let them know they can reach out, check in more frequently and, perhaps, offer a thoughtful gift or card this year. We hope you enjoy the holiday season this year and have support if it's tough year in anyway. This is also a great time to start care with us. Just call our intake team at 619-549-0329 ext 0 to get started.

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