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Mental Health Awareness

One of my shares on my person social media this week was sadly regarding the sudden passing of Stephen "twitch" Boss. Mental Health IS our health. It's tragic to lose another beautiful human to the brain disease of depression. We know there was likely a tremendous amount of suffering in silence. Middle age men often feel tremendous pressure to provide and keep it all moving and be "strong." We need to continue the conversations on ending mental health stigma and promote getting treatment and being vulnerable as strength. We all need people to support us throughout lives and some of the most courageous people, including therapists themselves, have all spent time on the couch. Psychotherapy is the best gift that we can receive. It's more support, more tools and more understanding our emotional worlds. All can benefit. Please share if you have with others you trust. Help us end the Stigma! This will help us save lives. #endmentalstigma #growthroughlifecounseling #riptwitch

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