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No Resolutions this Year!

New year's resolutions fail the majority of the time! Often people set goals, fall short and then give up. This is a recipe to feel worse, not better in the New Year. However, the new year is always a great time to think about "fresh starts" and it's really about creating new habits and choosing to be disciplined when starting this.

So, I might suggest a more positive and productive path might be to choose a more unstructured goal so much as "move more everyday" which can be as little as 5 minutes rather than starting a massive exercise plan. Then, once you are doing 5 minutes consistently for a month consider increasing the time. Some other ideas include a daily positive affirmation, reconnecting with a friend from the past, learning new skills, getting back to an old hobby, going outside more or being creative, trying a new vegetable or healthy dish.

If you start enjoying a changed behavior, it will be much easier to stick with and more motivating to continue over time! Happy New Year!

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