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Taking Client's Tuesdays! Meet Cassandra Apple, LMFT!

Are you noticing sudden changes in your teen's mood or behavior? Adolescence is no doubt a challenging time to navigate, both as a teen and as a parent. For teens who experience depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, it can even seem unbearable. The vast majority of my clinical experience has been helping teens build skills to emotionally regulate and decrease those hopeless feelings. I am laid-back and casual in style, often using humor to help clients feel more comfortable. My stance is always non-judgmental, as we are all human and are therefore all beautifully flawed. Having a trusted, safe space for your teen with someone who is well-versed in treating adolescents can be a game-changer.

I have worked closely with children and families in the foster care system, as well as children/teens who have experienced significant trauma. My work in residential treatment settings, as well as within the education system, have provided me with a deep understanding of adolescent mental health and effective tools and strategies to help manage depression, anxiety and other various mental health issues. Please remember, there is always hope and I would love to help in any way I can!

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