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Welcome Miriah Bozeman, ASW

Miriah’s clinical work experience includes providing mental health services to a variety of clients including young children, pre-teens, adolescents, college students, adults, families, and couples. Miriah is culturally competent in assisting clients in reaching their goals. Miriah has experience working with varying populations: military, military spouses and children, veterans, high-risk youth, elderly, and adolescents in both community and school settings. Miriah has worked with clients having difficulties with various mood disorders such as: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, and Chemical Dependency. Miriah empowers clients by behavioral change, maintaining healthy relationships, coping with life stressors and promoting positive personal development. Miriah uses various treatment modalities including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (RBT), Strength-Based Approach, Anger Management, and Conflict Resolution to best meet the needs of her clients. Miriah is originally from Alabama and has lived in various geographical locations and cultures. Miriah obtained her bachelor’s degree in Sociology at California State University, Fresno, and her Master of Social Work at Temple University both with high honors. Miriah is an associate social worker supervised by Erica McDaniel, LCSW. Miriah is accepting new patients! Please call 619-549-0329 ext 0 to book with her today.

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