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Counseling for Children 

Building Blocks

We provide counseling services for children of all ages, even as young as 0-5!  All of our therapists have a passion for helping children. We know the brain continues to develop into adulthood and the earlier we provide intervention, the more impact we make in healthy brain development. If we teach healthy cognitive skills and health coping skills at a young age, we can impact the quality of life of young person, for the rest of their life. This is why our team loves working with children and their families. Some of the warning signs which can lead to anxiety or depression are: quick to meltdown, changes in eating, sleep problems, desire for isolation, change in behavior and social problems.


Very young children have limited ways to display distress. It can be in the form of tantrums, behavior problems, picky eating, refusing bedtime or mood dysregulation. Although children may outwardly appear to reject their parents, they also are most influenced by them and parents remain very powerful in child’s life and development.  We know facilitating positive family communication is always a goal of treating children so they can more readily express themselves as a coping skill. 


We know trauma has a big impact on the brain as well and the younger the person, more impactful damage from trauma can be to development. However, research supports resolving trauma with treatment can have a hugely positive impact. If you child has experienced abuse or trauma in childhood, please do seek treatment for this. Treatment for children can be delivered at any age! We use play therapy for all children as applicable skills from other modalities including Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, Client centered care and Strengths based care. We also help parents feel supported in dealing with any challenges in childhood and are inclusive in care. 


If you are unsure if your child needs care, please schedule an assessment with a treatment provider to get more information on what might be recommended. A relationship with a counselor can be a powerful tool in helping your child cope, heal and feel better. We are here for you! 

Mother and a Child
Playful Kids
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