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Parenting Support

Parenting is hard! We get it...And if you are human parent, mistakes will get made. We provide parenting support for the following:

1. Second child is opposite of the first and presents new challenges you didn't have with the first

2. Your oldest child has entered a new and challenging stage of development and you are unsure if you this is behavior or mood is normal

3. You find yourself increasingly frustrated and unsure how to proceed

4. Blended family challenges 

5. Coparenting after divorces strategies 

6. Your child has special needs or delays

7. Structure for ADHD 

8. Behavior Plans for behavior problems

9. Teens who are refusing to talk to parents- we have strategies for this! 

10. Teens with substance abuse problems or excessive defiance and/or continuous limit testing

11. Adult children living at home and too dependent upon parents

12. Foster or Adoption attachment parenting support 

13. Sick of yelling and looking for new options

14. Alternaives discipline strategies which stop working or "no more phone time" 

15. Processing when your child is very different than you pictured they might be and you are experiencing grief or disappointment 

with this and need a safe place to process this (more common than you think- we promise!) 

16. Parents who recognize their standards may be too high and want help adjusting this 

17. Help with knowing how much space to give at what age 

18. Understanding what is normal developmentally

19. Creating support for children learning and increased responsibilities

20. Parents whose teens are very disrespectful and nothing has worked

21. And many more reasons! If your is not listed but you need help with parenting, we are here for you! 


Telehealth or In person options 

Therapy Session
Serious Family

Let us help you get rid of your parenting stressors through support, research based interventions & adding new tools and strategies! 

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