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Right Place. Right Time. We are here for you. 

Now offering In person and Telehealth in all locations

Anxiety & Depression Treatment

Our San Diego therapy and counseling professionals provide services which: improve  mood regulation, increases insight, improves communication, increases frontal lobe function of long term thinking, strengthens focus and organization, improves understanding of feelings and increases coping skills.

Fertility Egg Freezing
Teen Counseling

We love working with teens! Teens begin to experience symptom relief within 6-8 sessions of consistent weekly care; We do provide CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and other modalities for children, teens and adults. 

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Counseling for Children

Many of our San Diego therapy and counseling professionals are especially skilled with youth. We can decrease emotional distress, increases communication and coping skills, normalizes and validates feelings, improves health and well being of your child. Skill building for lifelong happiness

San Diego Child Counseling
Family Counseling

Improves communication, corrects dynamics which are painful, increases quality family time, increases satisfaction while with family, improves health and wellness of the family

San Diego Family Counseling
Parenting Support

Our San Diego therapy and counseling professionals provide tools and new ideas for frustrating problems, reinforces positive steps you have already taken, problem solving for difficult stages of development, support for ADHD and special needs

Happy family
Group Therapy

Telehealth Group therapy for 13-17 to provide support, increase mood regulation and coping skills, increase communication skills, decrease behavioral problems; special note: for some teens it will be easier to open up more to other teens than to adults. 

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Stress Management

In our counseling of adults, our San Diego stress management professionals provide tools and resources to manage multiple stressors at once or manage acute and painful life transitions, support from a neutral party, validation, new coping ideas, focus and accountability for self care needs

Stressed Woman
New Mom's Support

Special care for mother's postpartum and adjustment to stress, career changes, identity and role in families. Ask us about both individual and groups for Moms with ages 18 months and younger. 

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