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  • Kara Kohnen, LMFT

Preteens, Teens and Sexuality..What's a Parent to do?!

A topic we discuss frequently at Grow Through Life Counseling with concerned parents is teen sexuality. With the changes in technology and access to the internet, it's unavoidable that children are exposed at younger and younger ages to sexual content and sexually explicit material. Although is can be an anxiety provoking experience for parents, we encourage open dialogue on this topic between parents and their children, preteens and teens. The best way to keep your children safe from STI's, teen pregnancy and emotional pain is to make sure they are coming to you for answers, not their peers where misinformation can spread like wildfire! If you are struggling with communication with your child in this area, please seek counseling to help facilitate this conversation. For more information on what your teen is hearing about sex and pregnancy, check out this link below!

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