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  • Kara Kohnen, Clinical Director

Teen Girl's Support Group is back!

Teen Girls Support Group

Paula Lintin, PhD, LPCC has comes to Grow Through Life Counseling with a great amount of experience in running groups and she will be taking over our Teen Girl's Support Group in Del Mar. We are now accepting new referrals for 13-17 year old Girls who can benefit from additional support in self esteem, coping skills, navigating social situations and responding to stress. This group will benefit those who are stepping down from a higher level of care, have plateaued in individual counseling or as adjunctive to already existing individual counseling processes with additional support from peers in a safe environment. Teens will find Paula to be warm, support and funny. I am excited to announce this next group.

Spaces fill up quickly and we are looking to launch in April, so please get in group right away if you'd like your daughter to join or if have questions.

*Current patients or previous group members can waive individual additional assessment

*New patients to the practice must meet with Paula for a 50 minute individual assessment prior to the start group to ensure stability and appropriateness of group in this setting

*This group is 8 weeks long and "closed" to new members once it starts to give the group time to connect

*Once group has started, you may still come in for an assessment and be on the waitlist for the next group which will likely start this summer

Please email Paula directly at: to get scheduled and to get more information about the upcoming group.

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