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  • Kara Kohnen, LMFT

8 Tips to reduce stress this Holiday Season

Holidays are a time for lots of fun but also lots of potential stress! For those who have experienced a loss this past year, holidays can bring painful milestones of grief. Also, the pressure of more to do with less time and more social events can be too much for anyone. Add more sugar and less sleep and you have recipe for low mood states as this "most wonderful time of the year." Here are a 8 tips to navigate this holiday season:

1. Choose activities mindfully and be selective

2. Give yourself permission to say no or decide it's too much to take on

3. Keep your self care appointments on the books- therapy, reading, rest, journaling, massage, etc are even more important this time of year

4. Practice self compassion and know it's okay if it's not perfect

5. Make time for yourself

6. Focus on one or two traditions rather many

7. Practice gratitude for all that is good this year despite how this may have changed from last year

8. Remember to play and laugh no matter how old you are!

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