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10 Reasons We Love Teens

  1. It’s such an important time in their life and development. Good work with teen and can prevent a lot of typical teen problems: substance abuse, early sexual activity and discord with parents.

  2. They pretend to know everything as a result of brain development. It’s a protective mechanisms for anxiety and we enjoy being able to talk to experts!

  3. Imparting great, adaptive coping skills changes both the quality of life and relationships now and for the rest of their lives.

  4. We are able to be heard in a different way than parents. A developmental norm is identity development and separation from parents. Teens need space and hear the same words parents may say differently from another adult. Sorry parents, this changes back by the mid-20’s.

  5. We love them. Teens can tell when someone cares. Many therapists prefer adults only. If you are seeking care for your teen, they’ll know. Please seek out therapists who love helping teens and family. It can be a game changer.

  6. Our hiring and screening process is unique. If we wouldn’t want the therapist we are interviewing to treat us or our family members, we don’t hire them. We may grow slower this way, but it’s important to us we have confidence and trust in who you see when you call us.

  7. Life is tough and the economy and inflation are only making it tougher. The result of the past few has been an astronomical rise in the rates of teen anxiety. Untreated anxiety creates any problem. On family member with anxiety impacts the entire family. Don’t wait on the treatment. Let’s get everyone in your family feeling better today.

  8. Social media has created new challenges in false distortions of reality for this generation. It’s important they have perspective and often they are needing to hear this from supportive adults.

  9. The need love. They push away when at their most vulnerable and they need consistent support when acting out or mood is out of control.

  10. We love parents. It can be the hardest job in the world. We appreciate the trust you extend when you allow your teen to have the space to seek care. We are committed to improving family relationships and will help restore parent-teen communication and lower your stress too.

One thing we know for sure, there is not such thing as “too early” when it comes to getting more support. We often wish our families would have called months or years sooner. We can prevent pain and problems. Wherever you are at now, it’s not too late or too soon. They aren’t too young and “wait and see” does not work with anxiety and depression, We are here for you and can help make the future less stressful much better now. Please call us today 619-549-0329 ext 0 to book with one of our team members whom we trust and who love teens.

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