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Teen Grief Group Therapy

This is a group for teens ages 13-17 who have had a recent loss which are causing them sadness, anger or loss of interest in normal activities. Grief may also cause sleep problems, lack of focus or preoccupation with with what could have been differently to change an outcome and/or regret. Untreated grief can result in increase anxiety or worry about more loss. Grief can also cause physical pain. Seeking more support in grief helps to comfort, understanding and reduces symptoms more quickly over time.

Teen Grief Group is in Eastlake and facilitated by Esther De La Cruz, AMFT at Grow Through Life Counseling. The group will last 8 weeks and meet weekly for 50 minutes. If the teen is not currently a patient, at our practice, they will need an individual assessment prior to the start of group in which a history of symptoms is taken and to ensure they are ready and a fit for the group. Please contact us to schedule or with any additional questions.


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