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Back to "Distance" School Anxiety

This fall in most of California is appears distance learning will be the majority way children and teens will return to school. This announcement, understandably, has lead to increased anxiety in parents and students, childcare concerns, academic concerns and ongoing thoughts of "How is this possible?" and "When will this end?" Unknowns feed anxiety and we have a ton of unknowns currently! Many parents were waiting for school to return and are having to pivot mindset. As we wait for the Corona Virus numbers to decrease and schools to go back in, here are some Back to "Distance" School tips:

  1. Set up a dedicated work space for your child and minimize distractions

  2. Communicate with Teachers in advance of school starts and regularly

  3. Address technology challenges and get prepped

  4. Consider hiring a professional tutoring agency and/or college student to tutor if needed

  5. Create a Schedule for each day

  6. Outreach fellow parents and ask them for ideas which have works for them

  7. Consider helping others and asking for help when needed

  8. Set up limits on "fun screen time" versus learning screen time

  9. Phone a friend for support

  10. Start or return to therapy for extra support! Either in person or Telehealth options available!

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