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Back to School Fears?

As summer ends, it's more common that you think. Anxiety is at an all time high. Changes in routine bring more anxiety. Some things that may be scary or intimidating are daily schedules, activities, social life and increased responsibilities. After the last few years of unknowns, anxiety has increased across the board.

Here are some common reasons:

Academic pressure

History of Anxiety in School

Scared of Rejection


Anxiety about School Shootings

Fear of illness or disease

Stress related to the shut downs and distance learning

Social anxiety

Nervousness about the unknown especially if it's a new school

Teens are always able to express verbally what is bothering them. Here are some symptoms to notice as a parent if you are worried:



Stomach or headaches

Changes in eating or sleeping



Difficulty concentrating

If you are noticing any of these symptoms during the first few weeks of back to school, check in with your teen. If they worsen as school goes on, it's important to get help. We would expect stress to decrease as the transition becomes more familiar and comfortable. If it does not, please do seek care.

You can reach our caring team at 619-549-0329 ext 0. We can help teens located in CA via in person or Telehealth care.

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