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Back to School Stress Reduction Tips

Back to School can have challenges! Here are some great tips in supporting this time of year.

1. Establish Routines- regular wake up and bedtimes, regular meal times, reducing phone and screen time prior to sleep time

2. Ask open ended questions to explore feelings:

What was your favorite part of today?

If you could change one rule at school what would it be?

How does this year compare to last year?

What helps you relax at school?

What's something you can do today to make tomorrow better?

3. Offer affirmation and validation, not solutions

Changes bring nervousness and this is normal

4. Connect with the school and keep in touch

5. Visit their MD or mental health provider if things are resolving. There are a lot of options for reducing anxiety and new coping skills. Our caring team can be reached at 619-549-0329 ext 0

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