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Class of 2020 Collective Grief

There has been some media coverage of the losses of High School Seniors on all the events they are missing out on as this school year has been changed drastically. Those important rituals they have looked forward to the last 4 years have disappeared with very little notice. It's not fair to them and we recognize this has it's own grief process. We are considering offering a support group specific for Seniors in High School (virtually, of course) over video conference. Teens also thrive on independence and spending time with their friends so this period of time is a huge challenge for all teens (and their parents too!). We can certainly offer teens and families support to process this time but want to offer a specific acknowledgment to the Class of 2020 and the losses. We hope and will support schools following through on graduations and prom reboots and yearbook signing when it's safe. Homecoming may look different and we think colleges will understand incoming Freshman deserve these opportunities. If we can help you and your teen cope during this difficult time for families, please reach out to our intake department! 619-549-0329 ext 0 to schedule with one of our caring and compassionate counselors.

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