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Don't wait for fall, y'all!

If you are thinking of waiting to start care for your child or teen in the fall, please don’t wait!

4 reasons why it is better to start your child or teen in care during the summer:

  1. Summer is more Flexible on your schedule and ours! It’s easier to get a same week appointments. Summer activies are often optional so they can moved to prioritize treatment. More appointment choices are available too!

  2. It’s often easier during the summer to access treatment quickly. Back to school can be stressful and tends to exacerbate problems and complicate existing mental health issues, many families tend to seek help during the fall and we get a surge of requests which requires us to turn new pateints away if all of our providers are full. This breaks our heart but if demand is too strong, you runt he risk of not being on the schedule or having to call many providers who are also seeing a fall surge.

  3. Along with healing during a more relaxing time of year, starting therapy in the summer gives young people the tools they need to go back to school strong. Instead of a challenging transition they may have experienced in the past, they can step into the new school year with enhanced skills for emotional regulation, relationship building, and executive functioning. They know they will have their therapist to speak to as challenges arise which is very grounding.

  4. Treatment can be the most meaningful and memorable experience a teen or young adult has ever had.Therapy is life long experience that young people will never forget. While it can be hard work, it’s als rewarding for the whole family. Children and teens have the chance for a safey connection like never before. It’s the best time to address tough trauma or histories because it’s the most relaxing time of the year for most.

Please call us at 619-549-0329 ext 0 to book today!

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