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Flexin like cooked spaghetti

Well COVID has struck San Diego and Riverside counties in this surge time! We are flexing our "in person" sessions at times and as needed to accommodate this concern. Possible COVID exposure, active COVID cases, asymptotic cases, mild cases and more severe abound. We continue to use the CDC guidelines and a high level of integrity to make decisions and choices about our team working from home as needed and converting sessions to Telehealth. We are asking all of our children, teens and families to be flexible as well in there uncertain time and, even if you normally prefer in person care (we do too!) to please flex with us to help keep you and the community safe. We try to avoid canceling care all together this may impede progress or cause a set back especially in the case of needing to be in a stressful quarantine situation. If you are well and we are also well, we'll keep flexin! Our informed consent always has this fluid option we can use the Telehealth option with any type of cold and flus symptoms you or your child may be experiencing going forward. All insurance companies are now on board and this is a permanent change - hooray! This is certainly a huge silver lining and great option! Anything which provides more support to our patients- we are here for it!

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