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How Outpatient Psychotherapy Can Help You: A Guide for New Patients.


Outpatient psychotherapy has many benefits including improving mood, stablizing anxiety, improving relationships, supporting communication and preventing crisis. A great relationship with a psychotherapists can not only treat problems, but prevent them as well.

At Grow Through Life Counseling, we are accepting new patients in all locations for in person care. We also have Telehealth options throughout California.

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Oceanside Lobby

What is Outpatient Psychotherapy?

Outpatient psychotherapy is typically weekly care for 60 minutes or less. It can be up to 3 times per week per insurance guidelines. It can be helpful to do more frequent care when stepping down from higher levels of care or when family and individual care is also needed. If you are new to therapy or new to the thearpist, a typical treatment plan is weekly for at least the first 8 weeks so a trusting relationships can be solidified. Many people continue on weekly past 8 weeks but in some cases. less frequent can be assessed and recommend as well.

Inpatient therapy is needed when severity of illness is high and crisis stabilization or medical management is needed. Inpatient hospitalization is 24/7 care with MD's, nursing teams, therapy and techs. This is typically 3-5 days in length. Once discharged from inpatient care, there are step down discharge plan options of Partial Hospital, Intensive Outpatient and finally, outpatient care.

At Grow Through Life Counseling we offer a wide variety of approaches and modalities. All of our team has some training Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and we also take an eceletic approach to customize treatment plans to your needs.

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Mission Valley Treatment Room

Benefits of Outpatient Psychotherapy

Flexibility: Many of our therapist team offer a variety of days and times to fit into your business schedule. We have a patient portal so if your schedule is particular, you have the option to book up to 3 months out with your therapist via the self serve schedule feature. Although intake times vary, especially with our team with a full caseload, our therapists will do their best to take any schedule requests and accommodate those as the schedule shifts and changes. We offer school or work notes to excuse the absence as needed too!

Continuity of daily life: Patients can continue with their daily routines while in outpatient psychotherapy and develop new and coping healthy strategies. It's great to have weekly sessions and follows up as new concerns arise which often happen when trying to make changes.

Accessibility: When clinically appropriate, we also offer teletherapy option for your convenience. It's easy to switch to a phone or vide check in so you can be home as needed and continue with your care. Insurance will cover Telehealth too!

Who Can Benefit from Outpatient Psychotherapy?

The most common concerns we address at Grow Through Life Counseling are anxiety, depression, life transitions, stress management and relationship issues. We treat children, teens, adults, couples and families.

What to Expect in Your First Session

To book us, call our intake team 619-549-0329 ext 0 who will assist you in getting scheduled, your chart set up and intake paperwork completed prior to the appointment with the therapist. This will allow the therapist to be able to begin the intake. Providing a detailed history and intake prior to this session on your forms, is helpful! The clinician will review consent and forms you completed, the presenting problem and history of this problem and inform you of Grow Through Life Counseling Policy and Procedures. They will present a treatment plan including their recommendation of frequency of care and ensure you are scheduled out according to this plan.

Call today to speak with intake
Call us at 619-549-0329 ext 0

A treatment plan is developed during the initial assesessment of the concerns you may have and the history. Treatment plans can include coordination of care with psychiatrists, teachers or prior treatment providers. They will include your goals as well as baseline of these goals and what the plan will be to address meet these goals. Most people do begin care weekly for several months. In some cases, more frequent care or additional services such as family or couples care may also be recommended.

Confidentiality is a high priority in care. We take this very seriously and use only HIPAA supported systems and take preventative measures to secure data. We do not text message for this reason and do not recommend sending clinical information over email and only through the protected portal. Therapist-Client relationships are unique in that the sessions are about client's needs and safe space to express needs. This is protected by law as healing occurs within this safety.

Tips for making the most out of therapy

  1. Set Goals

  2. Being open and honest

  3. Practicing self-care and follow up therapist recommendations

Practical steps:

-If you are doing Teletherapy it's critical to be in a quite, confidential space where you can be open and vulnerable.

-Starting a new journal is great for keeping track of progress and can be used to continue to process in between sessions and write down questions for upcoming sessions.

-Get started! The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start feel better.

Keeping a journal can be great
Journaling for therapy

Why Choose Grow Through Life Counseling?

- We have highly qualified and caring clinicians who have completed Master's Degrees and part of dedicating their lives to helping others. Our associate clinicians (pre licensed) are in weekly supervision with dedicated and experienced licensed clincians. So, if you are seeing an associate you have two clincians dedicated to your care. Our licensed therapists have completed the 3-5 post graduate school and testing processes ensuring they have many years of experience for your care. All of our Grow Through Life Counseling therapists are advocates for early intervention for children and teens to prevent future problems and increase the quality of their lives and relationships for the rest of their lives. We care deeply for our individual clients but also know this extends to their families and loved ones and the systems they are a part of whether they enter the therapy room or not. We value supporting across the lifespan at all stages.

How to Get Started

Please call our intake team at 619-549-0329 ext 0 or fill out the google form on our website and our intake team will contact you back to get started.

We are in network with several insurance plans including: Tricare West, Aetna, Cigna, Evernorth, Magallen, Blue Sheild, Sharp Health Plan and more coming soon!


Take the first step towards better mental health by starting care at our community focused practice. We care deeply for each of our patinets and you will experience this upon getting started.

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