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Millennials - Improving Understanding of this generation

Personally, I am few years older but at times have felt very disconnected from this generation. They frustrate and fascinate! Who are they? Millennials are comprised of the 80 million people born between 1981 and 1996. They are a unique generation as the "technology natives" and research states 100% of this generation accesses the internet and 86% participation in social media. It's been well documented the potential negative consequences of constant exposure to other's highlight reels which results in low self-esteem, jealousy and increased unhappiness. They are also more likely to live with their parents for the first time in 130 years experiencing financial distress and anxiety due to economic conditions. They are 3 times more likely to have narcissistic personality disorder. They are more likely to experience loneliness and also "flake" on plans more easily. They are the most indebted too.

Now for the exciting part!

Although they get a tough wrap, they do have lots of strengths! They are the most educated with more than 39% having a bachelor degree. They are most diverse with 43% part of a minority group. They value wellness and are more likely to exercise, smoke less and eat healthier than prior generations setting great examples. Finally, they have grown up with parents who openly attended therapy and in an era where there was greater destigmatization of such services. They are eager to engage in self-improvement and manage

their mental health. They are also: tech-savvy, resourceful, tolerant, multitaskers, eco conscious, team players, activists and enthusiastic!

At Grow Through Life Counseling, it's part of our mission to reduce the stigma around seeking mental health care and no one has done more for this mission than our millennials! We are proud to have many on our team from this generation who are committed to learning and growing as therapists. They are dedicated and passionate. We love working with these young adults as clients too. They are inspiring and innovative and we are here for it. Team Millennials!

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