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Our COVID Precautions for "In Office" treatment

We have added hand sanitizing stations, extra cleaning measure, temperature checks, social distancing and are wearing facial masks until more than 6 feet apart. The offices are marked with tape for your comfort. Our lobbies are currently closed to prevent any crowds and we are asking patients to wait in the car until appointment times and call their therapist to let them know they have arrived so the therapist can greet them and bring them into the office. We are screening for any symptoms of illness, travel outside of the country and any known exposure both with our staff and our patients. We also offer ongoing Telehealth in case you aren't feeling well or are more comfortable coming in office. We understand and respect this choice too and will offer ongoing Telehealth in the future beyond COVID as an option for all our patients. Let us know if you have any questions

or concerns. The CDC still recommends you: Wash your hands often, Wear facial coverings when in public and less than 6 feet apart and avoid crowds. Please take care and stay safe!

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