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Our "IN Network" Insurance Companies

We are now IN network with Aetna too! We want to make care accessible to more people and our outstanding billing team has been hard at work supporting the new year change and communicating with our patients to avoid any surprises. We offer free superbills (clinical receipt of care and payment collected). if you have plan not listed below. To check if and how much your insurance company plan might cover, please call your plan phone number and ask "How much will my plan cover if I see an "out of network" provider. Also, please ask if your can see an associate therapist or if the therapist needs to be licensed for coverage. This now varies by plan as well. Also, you'll want to find out where to submit the superbill once you have started care. We look forward to helping you in 2023! Insurance can be expensive, so let's use it when possible! Also, we qualify for all Health Savings plans and can provide you receipts for this as well. We have added new providers this month and have openings for new patients. Please call 619-549-0329 ext to 0 to get started today.

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