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Our Team Resilience & Here for you in 2021

As the holiday season comes to a conclusion, we are reminded how grateful we are to be of service to the community. This year has been a challenge for us all. Certainly, it was a challenge for mental health care providers! And despite our struggles and the ever changing pandemic landscape, we noticed our team come together in new, exciting and supportive ways. Our organization has found a new and renewed commitment to supporting each other and collaborations. This team has shown tremendous resilience through tough times, even with our own personal challenges. I am deeply appreciative of all on this team and inspired! We carry all we have learned and this well earned grit into our clinical work and plan to have ongoing collaborations as a full time and more support from local management. We promise to maintain our flexibility and adaptability. We will offer Telehealth as an ongoing option for families into the future! We plan to meet and exceed our own high patient care standards. As a community of more than 40+ caring professionals, we collaborate and support each other in new and creative ways! We'll continue this work in caring for your children, teens and families and for each other as we get a brand new year ahead. We encourage self care for our patents and our team as we take all the hindsight "2020" offers us and learn, grow and go beyond what any of us even thought possible at the start of this wild ride of a year. This year we grew our team in so many areas: diversity, inclusiveness, skills, specialties all the while kept our passion for working with youth! There has never been a better time to start treatment with us. You don't get one therapist, you get an amazing team behind you! We continue to accept Cigna and Tricare "in network" and offer superbills for any other insurance plans. We also offer sliding scale arrangements for financial challenges. If you are already a patient, thank you and we are honored to be of service. If you are starting treatment, we look forward to hearing from you in 2021. Regardless, we wish you all the best for 2021 and beyond.

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