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So, how's Telehealth Going?

We had a great staff meeting via Zoom last night to discuss how Telehealth is going.

Our staff reported the following positives:

Clients are more consistent, more availability for appts , Therapist have been able to offer more flexibility, deeper dive into family dynamics, seeing into families homes is valuable, kids are enjoying showing their rooms and favorite toys, meeting stuffed animals and pets, more parent engagement, more parent involvement, use of creativity and drawings has been fun, people can still engage in treatment even if sick or not feeling well without having to come into the office, we are growing and learning with the clients, EMDR is working remotely

Some of the challenges are: privacy, technology not working, some people are resistant to the change

We think there are benefits to seeing people and person and look forward to getting back into our office spaces but also feel Telehealth is here to stay! We don't know exactly what this will look like and will likely want to keep intakes for new patients in person but we are excited to be able to deliver services in a more flexible way which will increase access to care.

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