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Why come to therapy when you have "nothing" to talk about?

Summer brings sun, fun and well, more happiness! Hooray! Why do we think is should NOT mean less therapy?

1) You have increased capacity to look at areas of your life that are not as disruptive, but still influential in your ongoing mental health experience

Surfers in So Cal in classic VW van
Summer Fun!

2) You can tailor your session to be something specific, other than "day to day" happenings (i.e. specific events in childhood, certain relationships in your life, certain habits you want to change, dreams for the future, etc.)

3) You can shift from "problem-focus" and instead investigate what you've been doing lately, that's been contributing to "feeling good"!

Enjoying laughing hard
Therapy when you are feeling good!

4) Exploring why it has been a good week - what made it good and how can they continue this in times of higher stress. 

5) Starting children and teens in the summer is typically easier on scheduling and gives them a chance to get to know their therapist and build a relationship before the stress of back to school starts.

If you cancel or postpone sessions during weeks where you feel "good", you might lose some richness and momentum in the therapeutic process. Therapy is not meant to be a consumer product or delivery service; it's not the "Postmates" of wellness. It's a slow & steady journey of self-exploration that is best experienced through consistency of a great and trusted relationship with your therapist.

At Grow Through Life Counseling, summer is a wonderful time to get started in care! We have a few more openings to accomodate schedules and increased flexibilty. We are accepting new patients at all locations- both in person and via Telehealth. Call our intake team at 619-549-0329 ext 0 to get start this week!

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