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Congratulations Candi Kizer, LMFT!

Did you know to become a fully license therapist takes 5-8 years?...It's true! Graduate school is 2 years and includes 300 practicum hours. Then, registration as an associate begins and it takes 3-6 years to acquire a full 3000 clinical hours and a tough exam process to turn the "A" for associate into and "L" for licensed. It's a huge deal and giant celebration for us when a team member makes this major milestone.

This week we celebrate Candi Kizer, LMFT on getting her official license number June 30th! Candi is an excellent clinician who care deeply for clients and has great skills.

She is most looking forward to taking Tricare members as Veteran herself. She continues to be valued Scripps Ranch team member and we are so excited for her. Congratulations Candi!

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