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End of year tips..Journaling is recommended!

So, it's about that time to talk about what is next in 2023. A new year is a natural time to start anew so it's often a trend/theme in therapy.

We start this process with our clients and the end of year is a good time for review, reflection and releasing what no longer serves. Therapy sessions are fantastic for this. Also, for DIY, journaling is also great because it uses a different part of the brain to process and we can access more of the unconscious mind as well. Set aside some time from your holiday plans to do this and set yourself up for a clean slate in 2023!

Got writer's block? It happens! One tip is to pick up that Smartphone of yours and write a little bit about each event/photo from this past year. You might be surprised what comes up!

Or try another tried and true therapy technique and take a piece of paper, fold it in half, unfold it and draw a line in the crease...on the far left write Jan 1, 2022 and the far right Dec 31, 2022 and wa-laaa you have just created a personal timeline. Be sure to go month by month and put a dash and any significant, important events. This can include both positive and negative things- emotional, relationships, family or career. This can kick start a journaling reflection as well.

The holiday can be a time where people use food, alcohol, parties, events or other distractions to check out or numb out. We invite you to check in, go deep and set yourself up for a great 2023.

"The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others." - Erik Erickson

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