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LGBTQ+ and risk factors

We are committed to the treatment and development of teenagers. We know adolescences is a time of identify development and, for some teens, it brings a lot of questions regarding sexuality. We offer a safe space to process this. If a teen identifies as LGBQT+ we want to be sure they have adequate support as their risk factors for safety and suicide increase without a supportive community. If you are unsure if your teen needs support in this area of development, starting counseling can be a great place to be begin the process. We offer allied therapist and a specialist in this area in person in Chula Vista or via Telehealth in California with Mely Quiroz, APCC. Mely is compassionate, warm and great for all clients but will a special heart for LGTQT+ population. Please call our intake team 619-549-0329 ext 0 who can assist in booking with Mely or one of our other allied therapists.

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