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Top 10 Characteristics of Resilience

-A growth mindset: viewing mistakes and setbacks as learning opportunities.

-An internal locus of control: taking accountability and responsibility for one's own actions.

-Strong self-worth: this is does not refer to narcissistic self-centeredness, nor does it mean relying on externals like accomplishments or personal attractiveness to define one's worth. Rather, it refers to resting in the quiet confidence of one's value as a human being.

-Grit: working toward one's passions with dogged perseverance.

-Courage: not the absence of fear - which we all have - but acting in spite of it.

-Optimism: looking for the good in situations and people.

-Sense of meaning: seeking personal answers to the "why's" of life.

-Self-compassion: treating oneself the same as one would treat a beloved friend.

-Community & support: sustaining and supporting one another through tough times.

-Humor: research shows that humor boosts the immune system and dampens feelings of stress and anxiety.

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