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What's in the Way, Becomes the Way

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Why do some people thrive in tough times? Why did some people get in the best shape of their lives during the pandemic while others went the opposite way? My interest in research and neuroscience is peaked in this matter. Is it nature, nature, a way of thinking or a way our brains are wired? How much can we change or support our brains in moving toward resilience. Can it be learned or developed? How do we as teen therapists shape and support brain development in youth so they are in the camp of thriving during tough times? In the words of a master networking and inspiring speaker, Ivan Misner, it's critical we use "what's in the way to become the way". Let's turn the roadblock into the overpass. In behavioral health, the pandemic has created a nation of therapists who are not experienced and equipped to do Telehealth (many were not moving that direction voluntarily) and now have a new skill set poised to serve rural areas, provide access and convenience and more care in general. In neurodivergent populations, there are so many opportunities for unique problem solving and creative solutions.

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