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Why are we hiring?! Licensed Therapists needed!

Hello. We are looking for new team members for two reasons:

1. We are a growing! Our Scripps Ranch location will double in size in January 2023 so we’ll need great team members to join this thriving team!

2. The “Great Resignation” has impacted mental health too! Recruitment in mental health is unlike any other time and hospital and facility systems are in need too. It was time for some of our team members to work on those team and with higher acuity patients as part of their personal development. Likewise, sometimes our team members do decide it’s time to do their own business. We want to continue to foster great outpatient care in our communities and ensure we make a smooth transition when this does occurs. We are serious about supporting all growth! Other team members in the last few years have needed to prioritize their own mental health, childcare needs, family needs and circumstances. We appreciate and support these transitions as well.

We wanted to share some of the feedback we have in exit interviews. This is the opportunity to give any feedback whatsoever. Here are some:

“Just want to thank you all for the amazing support and training you provided. It has been such a unique experience and I will always be in forever gratitude with the team!”

“A great place to work. Love the decor, the help with scheduling clients, access and support from the owner and other staff.”

“GTLC is a great place to work. I would love to return one day if there's an available spot.”

“Feeling grateful with the training I received and I'm a better therapist because of GTLC. No doubt about this.”

“I feel like the management style was very supportive and conservative. I didn't feel micromanaged, but knew I had support when I needed it. A great place to work! I'm sad I'm leaving.”

“For the most part supportive and empowering.”

“THANK YOU Kara & the team!!! You are wonderful!”

Our ideal candidate applies with a 3-5+ plan to stay for our patients and to provide consistent care. We strive to provide a fantastice employment opportunity which allows for long term growth and stability and can include becoming a clinical supervisor and to join leadership, if this also part of your goals. We’d love to continue to attract wonderful, talented therapists looking to provide great care to youth and families. Please email your resume to to be considered for a role in one of our 6 locations or via Telecommuting and/or hybrid of the two options. We look forward to speaking with you!

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