Eastlake, Chula Vista Office

Our family counseling office is located in the Eastlake area at 2300 Boswell Rd, Suite 245 Chula Vista CA 91914.  You will receive an email with a login to the patient portal. Please e-sign intake paperwork via the portal. Also, please arrive 5 minutes prior to your first appointment. Please note: our lobbies are current closed. Please call your therapist upon arrival to notify them of your arrival (there is sign on the lobby door with numbers and extensions) and they will be out to get you to conduct a COVID screening at your appointment time. If you are arriving after 6pm or on the weekends, please use the call box to contact the therapist in the directory (at the front glass door) and they will buzz the front door open to allow you to proceed up to our suite 245. Please check your email for your patient portal link! For confidentiality, this is where you will find it. 


We are here to answer: How can I help my teenager depression? How can I help them make friends? Is social media or screen time dangerous? We provide supportive counseling for teenagers: depression, anxiety and adjustments. We often work with families as part of our treatment processes. We have added Telehealth services and can now also provide child anxiety treatment at home or in office children's counseling services! If you are looking for child, teen and family counseling in Eastlake, Chula Vista, Bonita, or South San Diego contact us today!