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Tips for Couples in a Pandemic

Hello! We know many couples have struggled with being stuck at home, working from home, parenting and communication challenges have caused a lot of stress throughout the pandemic. Here are a few great couples tips:

  1. Bring back date night! - Even if this just means setting aside one hour to connect at home with all the restrictions currently. Let's get creative! Slow dance, Meet in the park, on the balcony or play a board game. Perhaps, dress up & order some favorite take out.

  2. Cut Major Slack: It is impossible to show up as ourselves during such high stress and short tempers are running rampant. Try not to take this personally!

  3. Prioritize time alone: We all need it! Read a book, listen to music and give each other space to be alone at times.

  4. Practice self care together: meditating, walking, gratitude statements are great examples

  5. Create a routine which works for you- meal times, leisure times, time alone or as a couple or family

  6. No Score Keeping: changes in work schedules may have upended who does what with chores; try not to keep score and come from a place of trying our best

  7. Don't go there- long standing conflicts are best left alone or with the support of helpful couple therapists during an already time.

I am excited to announce we have a great new provider, Connor Berk, AMFT who LOVES working with couples in care. Connor provides a great place for couples to come and learn new skills, resolve conflicts and improve communication and coping. Connor provide pre-marital support to engaged couples as well. Connor has a passion for helping couples be happier together and has a Christian faith which helps guides couples who find faith to be helpful in their marriage or relationship. Connor Berk is available for "in person" sessions in our Del Mar location or via Telehealth in San Diego County and throughout California. Traditionally, couples counseling can be very expensive and is not always covered by insurance plans, but with pandemic we know there so many stressors and we are offering a generous sliding scale so it's available to all couples who would like to attend even if your finances have suffered due to COVID. Let's get you two set up with Connor today by calling 619-549-0329 ext 0.

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