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Parental Burnout- It's real!

Parental Burnout is feeling mentally and physically exhausted, emotionally distant to your children and feeling ineffective as a parent. It’s very common among working parents and especially when a child or teen has a mental health concern. When the energy it takes to parent comes with more challenges and fewer rewards, this causes an imbalance over time. Parental burnout is real and can cause mood problems, irritability and dissociation in parents. There is a higher correlation of abuse, neglect and behavioral risk factors in parental burnout so seeing and knowing the signs and taking action is vital to avoid further harm.

Strategies for Parental Burnout:

Ask for Help

Know you are not alone

Practice self-compassion

Establish structure

Seek support

Take a break

Treatment for the whole family:

When we treat children and teens, we consider the entire family. Parents are important part of care. We need to know the challenge which have occurred prior to treatment and ongoing during treatment. It’s important the entire family gets support, not just a the individual in treatment. For all of our patients, we include parents in care. For many of our patients, we do regular family sessions or parenting support sessions.

If you are experiencing parental burnout, please seek support to feel better today. We are accepting new patients at Grow Through Life Counseling and have immediate care options. Please call us at 619-549-0329 ext 0.

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