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Sharp Health Plan to Magellan & Insurance News!

In October 2023, Sharp Health Plan sent out letters informing us and our Sharp patients they have a deal with Magellan Heath Plan to move all mental health care from in house (managed by Sharp) to fully managed by Magellan.

In Network with Magellan Health Mental Health Counseling
Insurance Credentialing

We also began the process of initiating a new in network relationship with Magellan in order to seemlessly transition our Sharp patients. Since then, we have gotten one update that this transition has been pushed to February 1, 2023. To all of our Sharp patients: we are now considered in network with Magellan and are continuing to provider information for each credentialed provider in order to ensure continous care.

We are also waiting for the annoucement that associate clinicians will be fully reimbursed which is likley to happen this coming week. Once this is official, we can then begin to accept ALL Magellan patients and look forward to serving the many Blue Sheild of CA members who may be seeking care as well as all plans under Magellan as the parent company. We look forward to this expansion and will update when possible!

Sharp Health Plan of San Diego mental health counseling
Sharp Health Plan

This change will allow us to serve more members of our communities in a fiscally accessible way by access via "in network" insurance panels. Thank you for your patience in this transition as news continues to emerge. Rest assured, we are doing all we can and we will be fully prepared to continue all of our Sharp Health Plan patients care on February 1, 2023.

Magellan Health Blue Shield of CA Outpatient mental health
Magellan Health

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