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The Top 10 Reasons Why Grow Through Life Counseling Is a Great Place to Work

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

So what makes Grow Through Life Counseling such a great place to work?


Our Mission is to provide quality counseling for children, teens and families through effective intervention, therapy and psychological support. We can prevent so many problems in emotional growth and development with early intervention. It’s never too early to get started in child’s life. As a Grow Through Life Counseling therapist, you will have meaningful role which allows you to change the trajectory of person’s life and contribute to a healthier society with both youth and adults.

We make a difference for generations.

At Grow Through Life Counseling, we help to address the most important concern of our time: children, teen and young adult’s in mental health crisis. There is no better work to do now and no better place to be doing it than on our supportive team! Our support teams and clinical teams provide healing for youth and families. At the end of each day you’ll know you really made and impact in other’s lives by the work we do. At Grow Through Life Counseling, you’ll be on team which provides high quality counseling services. We make a significant improvement in our patients’ levels of depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and overall well-being.

We provide the benefits you deserve.

Grow Through Life Counseling offers industry-competitive salaries and exemplary benefits, including:

Comprehensive health plans

Matching 401K

Unlimited CEU’s

Employee appreciation programs

Referral bonuses

Competitive wages

Paid admin/training time

Social events

Positive team culture

Senior clinical support

The Opportunity to Grow your skills.

On outpatient treatment team, you’ll provide effective, compassionate care for our clients in a less stressful environment than other levels of care. With a continuous learning and growth culture, consultation is available and encouraged. Even as a licensed professional, our leaders continue to provide monthly meetings for the entire team to continue to learn and get support. We empower our employees and ensuring that they grow in their expertise and professionalism. We offer our licensed team unlimited continuing education. At each of our locations, the team maintains close communication, all-staff meetings. We have an annual holiday party and other regular office social events for connection. We prioritize a healthy and supportive culture for out entire team.

Career Growth

We promote from within our team whenever possible, and many of our staff are promoted! We also offer flexibility between locations, so a staff member might be promoted to an open position at another location, or can request a transfer or split time as well. We have team members who started on support team in graduate school and then joined our clinical team. We have associate therapists who got all of their hours with supervision and became our licensed therapists. We have licensed therapists who have become clinical supervisors. We have clinical supervisors who have become clinical managers. Our clinical adminstrator was once a clinical manager! We reward the trust and commitment of our employees with more opportunities.

Great Healing Spaces

Our outpatient offices are located in comfortable locations and warm spaces to welcome all ages and families. We want our offices to be places where people are happy to come to work, where it feels healing, comfortable, and beautiful for staff as well as clients. We provide tools, art supplies, toys and resources practice wide for our entire team.

Be part of a diverse and inclusive culture.

We take our our responsibility to have a culture of diversity and inclusion seriously as a practice in the mental health space. We are guided by education, awareness and our core values of empathy, and connection. We continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse and authentic voices of our team, clients and communities. San Diego and Murrieta are are culturally diverse places to live and we honor, value and welcome all who seek care and employment.

Well Being Enhancement.

Our Philosophy is we believe that happy, well trained therapist in a positive and healthy office and work community can provide a higher quality of care. We have the expertise, compassion, understanding and empathy to help families in pain. We value work life balance and support health of our team. We promote time off, self care, play and connection outside of work. Our staff values caring for themselves so they can be their best at work too.

Our Leadership Teams

Our leadership is dedicated to the growth and development of our teams. It is our goal to make your employment experience at Grow Through Life Counseling the best place you have ever worked and never want to leave. We have long term dedicated career team members to ensure great training and support to for our newer team members. Each location has a responsive and supportive clinical leader.

Changing lives is rewarding

In outpatient care we form long lasting relationships with our clients as we see them through difficult times in life. Unlike other levels of care, these can last years! It is very rewarding to be able to support families both short term a long term. They may also discharge and return to care as needed. It’s great to see them thrive and hear from them in the future. Our team is inspired by the transformations they witness in the children, teens, young adults, and families they serve. And the caring and compassion of our team also lasts.

Ready to GROW?! We’re seeking to fill positions in all of our locations. Click this link to for more info and to apply today!

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