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  • Kara Dumlao, LMFt

New Groups for the New Year!

Happy New Year!...We are back to school and back to the routine here in Chula Vista this week. We are currently contacting patients who expressed interest in Social Skills Groups ages 10-12 which will be run by Marie Khamis, LMFT. We are also going to be starting teen social skills 13-17 year old and this will be run by Ava Kharrazian, PCCI. Please contact us today at 619-549-0329 if you have a referral for either group as they will fill up and start soon! If you get our voicemail. please leave a message and we will contact you with 24 hours. Benefits from these groups include but are not limited to: improved conversational skills, more comfort in new situations, less social fears and anxiety, skills on how to handle bullies or other difficult people, more confidence, improved self esteem, more friends and more fun!

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