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Coming soon! Magellan Health January 1, 2024

We have exciting news. We have signed a contract and are credentialing for a planned Magellan as "in" network with Grow Through Life Counseling! This is great news as Sharp Health Plan has contracted with Magellan for all of their behavioral health services with the same start date so our plan is to continue to provide seamless care for all our current Sharp Health Plan patients as well as welcome new referrals from both Sharp and all the plans under Magellan!

Coming soon!

We are excited to continue to offer in person care throughout San Diego County and in Murrieta for ages 0-65. We will also continue to provide Telehealth care all throughout California.

We remain in network and committed and dedicated to all of our Tricare, Aetna & Cigna plan members as well. As a practice accepting in network insurance allows us to be accessible to the community and we look forward to continue to serve.

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