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Congratulations Ava Kharrazian, LPCC!

Ava is a beloved and experienced clinician in our Sorrento Valley location. She has been with our practice for 7 years. Over this time, she completed her associate hours and then became fully licensed. While Ava has always been an invaluable team member for her clinical skills, care and ability to connect with clients, over the years we have recognized (unofficially) her abilities to teach and train our newer staff members who needed more support.

I am thrilled to announce it is now official! Ava has been promoted to our Lead Clinical Onboarding Specialist and manages this program. She is both developing and enriching the program and onboarding tools as well as supporting new hires and building of team of our other outstanding clinicians.

Thank you, Ava! You are truly incredible and talented and we thrilled to be able to give our newly hired team members more support.

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