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We are hearing "I'm Bored" a lot. Are you bored?

We think it's an important time to process anything behind the boredom- "I'm Bored"

It could mean "things are different", "things are hard", "I don't like the change in routine", "I am not doing well not being in school or not seeing friends" and to attempt to get curious about what is going on under the surface.

Also, let's explore the idea of the importance of rest and not always having constant stimulation. 

Here are some other ideas for you: 1. Encourage YouTube vacations: travel videos from places they would like to go or cultural experience they'd like to have, food etc.  2. Time Capsules/Timelines of life from birth to present with feelings during major past occasions process; take some time to write a future timeline of goal setting  3. Duolingo- learn a second language app 4. Identify passions and coping skills and explain every detail (fishing and show props, guitar and play it, etc) great way to reinforce talents, strengths and to shift mood in session 

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